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The Art of Currency Trading - book cover


The Art of Currency Trading: A Professional's Guide to the Foreign Exchange Market
(Wiley 2019, 400 pages)

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"A must-read for anyone who wants to truly understand global macro trading and currency markets."
- John Mauldin, New York Times bestselling author and chairman of Mauldin Economics


"Brent is a very experienced, smart and thoughtful currency trader. I have enjoyed exchanging views with him for the last ten years and I highly recommend his new book, which has a wealth of great information and many nuggets of unique wisdom. Markets eventually teach everybody to be humble. Brent knows that very well, and it comes across in this very educational, balanced and innovative book."
- Jens Nordvig, Founder and CEO, Exante Advisors and Exante Data, Institutional Investor top- ranked currency strategist (2011-2015)

"For years, professional investors have profited from Brent Donnelly's daily insights on currency markets. Brent is my go-to source for color on the FX world, and his lessons have become an integral part of my investment process. This book will make those lessons part of yours, too."
- Ben Hunt, Chief Investment Strategist, Salient Partners and author of Epsilon Theory

"The Art of Currency Trading is a handbook for novices and experts alike, starting with the basics and moving on to things like cross-asset correlations. Everyone will learn something from this book- especially that trading is hard and takes a lifetime of learning and discipline."
- Jared Dillian, Editor and Publisher, The Daily Dirtnap and author of Street Freak and All the Evil of this World

"Brent Donnelly writes about his experience in trading foreign exchange (FX). He cites 'knowledge, skill, experience, and psychology' as critical elements. His book provides all four to the reader. Well done!"
- David R Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Cumberland Advisors